+44 1623 857222


The UK Pleural Society is a non-profit organisation created to offer educational courses in pleural disease, promote research and to enhance the profile of this subspecialty.

It is run by respiratory physicians with an interest in pleural disease.

John Harvey

Najib Rahman (Chair)
Mark Roberts (Treasurer)
Nicola Downer (Secretary)

Executive committee
David Arnold (Pleural Research Day)
Rachelle Asciak (Pleural Diseases Course and Update Day)
Magda Laskawiec-Szkonter (Manager)
Eleanor Mishra (Pleural Research Day)
Yasser Madani (Membership Secretary)
Nadeem Maddekar (Pleural Diseases Course and Update Day)
John Park (Pleural Diseases Course and Update Day)
Maria Parsonage (Digital Champion and Pleural Update Day)
Raja Reddy (Junior Treasurer)

Contact us at: [email protected]

Telephone: 01623 857222 – please use this only for urgent enquiries.


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