GDPR, mailing lists, membership, subscription

This can all be confusing, so hopefully this might help to explain.

As part of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), we have to have your consent to hold your data.

Subscribing member
If you’re a subscribing member or UK Pleural Society member and update your account details at any time, you’ll be asked to confirm that you don’t mind.  Anyone who signs up from now on will also need to agree to the GDPR statement.

Website members can do things like submit abstracts, and their personal details will be autopopulated if they register to attend events.  This is different to being a subscribing member.

UK Pleural Society member
UK Pleural Society members have access to all areas of the site, will get discounts to attend events and support the work of the Society.  Thank you very much if you subscribe.  If you update your account, you’ll need to tick the GDPR box too.

Mailing list subscriber
If you don’t want to be a subscribing member and don’t want us to hold your details, then you can just be a mailing list subscriber.  We will hold your name and email address and will occasionally send you emails, but won’t hold any other data.  This can be achieved from the Member’s Areas menu on the right, but is accessible to all.

The mailing list data is held on a separate server to the membership data, so there is a separate ‘double opt-in’ for this.  If you sign up to receive information, Mailchimp will check to confirm this with you.