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Improving the website and direct debits

The website has been slowing down recently. The events table on the front page is the main problem, so this has now disappeared. However the whole events management software needs to be upgraded, so we’ll do this in the next few weeks. You will lose access to any historical bookings and receipts, so if you need them, please download them now.

Another tweak to be made is to change the address of the website slightly. You won’t notice any difference from search engines, but any old bit.ly links will cease to function. The site should load more quickly. We’re very sorry about this.

On a more positive note, you can now pay for your subscription by direct debit, which should make things a bit easier, and will also save the Society money. We will need to manually cross check your direct debit with our records to create/extend your subscription, but you will be able to sign up online. You can also now renew your subscription a month prior to expiration.

25th September 2019

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